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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Nyeri Area Postal Interviews

02.25.2011 – The day starts with an interesting drive to a neighboring post office for a couple interviews, however, I should have grabbed a local copy of the rules of the road.  As typical in most countries, passing cars on two lane roads is common in designated areas.  In Kenya, that designated area is in effect throughout the ride regardless of the terrain, and a car flicking their lights at on-coming traffic while in the opposing lane means your car should slow down, and if necessary, move to the shoulder as the person uses your lane to pass someone in traffic.  Our interviews go well, and the consistent theme seems to be the postal corporation is behind the times, and slow to implement change. Before heading back to the hotel, we take in the cultures of the town by exploring the local market which is packed with students heading home for the long weekend.  Next week we have some critical deliverables to complete, however, the weekend is ours to enjoy as we prepare for a safari/camping trip in Samburu National Reserve, which is about 3 hours north of Nyeri in the northern hemisphere.

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