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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Airport Transfer in London

02.18.2011 – Upon landing at London Heathrow, I begin to feel the effect of losing my airline status due to lack of travel.  I no longer have access to the airline lounges for free food and drinks, so with 3 hours to go before my connecting flight, I grab a bite to eat, and wait for the airline to post the gate.  Finally, gate 10 is posted, and I make my over.  This is a “special” gate that I must take the elevator down to access.  As I walk off the elevator, I see large crowd of people gathering in a seating area and I take a seat as well.  I am oblivious to the sounds of the airport and last call pages as I watch planes taking off and landing.  Boarding Time!!  As I hand the gate agent my boarding pass, he asks where I am going, which I respond Kenya, and he proceeds to tell me this flight is going to Accra, Ghana and Kenya is gate 10b, which just departed.  Out of all the 60 gates in terminal 5, gate 10 is the only one with sub-gates A-D, and after traveling weekly for 4 years, I prided myself on never missing a flight…I guess I can throw that fact out the window now or attempt to blame it on the side effects of the malaria pills.

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