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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Back to Business

02.28.2011 – After a week of procrastination and searching for any excuse not to visit the gym, I fight the urge to hit the snooze button and finally walk the 100 yards from my room to the fitness center (there are a lot of stairs on the way, so it is a tough walk).  The morning exercise was great, however, the weekend is over, and it is time to get back to work on our consulting engagement.  The IBM Corporate Service Corps is getting a lot of press in the country, and after reading some recent Kenyan newspaper articles on the IBM CSC program, I am ready get started on documenting the current postal  practices, local, and global market conditions.  But before I can do so, we receive an unexpected call from our local post master who when met the prior week.  He would like us join him and his regional manager for a cup of tea, and we are eager for the opportunity to obtain more opinions and ask additional questions.  Oddly, even though we passed by so many coffee plantations in our limited travel through the country, it is more common to have a glass of tea during all business meetings (and samosas!); which to me is the equivalent of going to Idaho and having for corn instead of a potato.  Regardless, I am a tea drinker and everyone is extremely friendly and very willing to provide any help we might need during our stay in Nyeri on the consulting engagement.  Our meeting lasts two and a half hours, and we are provided some great insights.  We head back to the hotel to generate additional questions for our meeting in Nairobi on Wednesday, while continuing to build our draft report and recommended offerings.

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