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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Nyeri Departure

03.17.2011 – Crammed shoulder to shoulder between luggage, I begin to wonder if we are departing Nyeri with more than we came with, even after Bianica (USA) donated a suitcase full of gifts and clothing (however we actually have one less car and one more person). We are heading back to Nairobi for our final client presentations with great memories while leaving only footprints behind here in Nyeri.  Our Nyeri Postmaster Mr. Mulundi has been absolutely wonderful by constantly inviting us over for tea and arranging local tours which greatly added to our overall experience.  The local citizens and hotel staff were friendly and always willing to lend a hand or provide input.  While I still have a little over a week left here in Kenya, my taste buds have already experienced many of the local cuisines.  From the Kenyan chicken with spices, to yams (potato like root), fresh fruit (pineapples and papaya), Ugali (corn flour), Chapati (flat unleavened bread), my afternoon samosas (pictured below…come with meat or vegetable…delicious), all the while being no stranger to the dessert table, I am ready to test the limits of my suit.

The team has completed our report, and it is now time to prepare for our final client presentation schedule for Friday morning.  In addition to IBM sending a member of the corporate communications team to develop the business and communications strategy for IBM Africa, some members of the local press have begun to actively reach out to the team, so there is a lot of excitement over our projects.  Everything will go great tomorrow and I am looking forward to a relaxing final week here in Kenya.

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