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Monday, 14 March 2011

Nairobi Midpoint meetings

03.09.2011 – I know I have been behind on my posting, and while I have mentioned this before, the internet connectivity at the hotel is extremely unreliable, and when it goes down, it is down for days (within the last week, it has been down 5 whole days).  Wednesday was another early morning start as we headed back to Nairobi for our midpoint review with the Postal Corporation.  The meeting went well, however, a lot of the ideas we presented were already facts which are widely publicized but they have failed to implement any changes.  And while in the last post I mentioned that things take time to develop, ideas at PCK are 10 times as slow (or in Swahili…pole- pole), to the point where the competition has already capitalized on the opportunity and stolen the market share.  There were countless examples of partnerships which PCK was delayed in finalizing agreements which competition was able to come in and seal the deal.  The corporate culture promotes an environment of slow implementation of change and hesitation to partner with other companies.  While recommendations will be made, the key to success or failure for the company and its employees will be dependent on the management structure that is created, and the tone that management sets.  The organizational structure was dealt another unknown today when Post Master General Ali was given summonses by International Criminal Court for an investigation into crimes against humanity while head of police.  While there are a lot of unknowns, the company has a lot of wonderful people working for them, I hope that we are able to provide variable insight and give them that push they need to prosper as a company.

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