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Monday, 14 March 2011

CNBC Africa

03.07.2011 – This morning CNBC reporter Chris Bishop (South Africa) with a camera crew interviewed and filmed the team to get a better understanding of IBMs growing presence here in East Africa, as well as the Corporate Service Corps program.  While we are not digging trenches on the side of the road for the fiber optic cable that is being installed, or building homes for the poor, he was curious how a program like the CSC and IBM can make a difference here in Africa.  I admitted right away that one 4-week program here will not change the state of the country, but through small steps, change will happen.  IBMs global presence did not happen overnight, took a century in the making, and is still developing and constantly changing.  While the computer Francesco donated to the center is a first step, next week the center will have internet and Sister Jane will not have to walk 10 km to the nearby town for access, then later a website with photos from Luan’s (Netherlands) donated camera will be posted, and the program expands its reach and prospers.  As people follow our experience here, and more volunteers visit to help through programs like the CSC, we will make a difference in all parts of the global.  The same can be said at the university as investments are made in education, companies will soon look to develop that talent, economies will expand, and people will prosper, but it will not happen overnight.  While the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries get all the press today, Africa’s turn is just around the corner, and is quickly approaching.  I also mentioned to Chris that the program is not just about developing Africa, but also my skills, and working with some of the most talented people in different IBM professions from around the world, which is necessary to complete in the global economic landscape.

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