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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Final Client Presentations

03.18.2011 – Rising early to practice my presentation, the team was ready to communicate the last 4 weeks of work in our final report to the customer.  The board room was packed with people eager to hear our findings.  The main point was the organizational culture had to change, and PCK must assign responsibility for key roles to run more like a for-profit company, while willing to partner more with others to provide the services to meet changing customer needs.  The team delivered the presentation great, and PCK understood that we needed to give customers more reasons to come to the post office, and once there, keep them in the store as long as possible to sell more services.  One question they had was an example of a company that was slow or failed to change, which I mentioned that by the time any company failed to change with the market, the company was irrelevant in the minds of consumers, that nobody noticed that they were gone.  We thanked everyone at PCK for a wonderful experience here in Kenya, and for the opportunity to review their business.  I have enjoyed every moment I have spent here, and look forward to spending another week here enjoying more of what Kenya has to offer.  The plan is to spend a couple days in Nairobi visiting the elephant orphanage and former American Embassy, before departing to the coastal town of Malindi for a couple days (while still blogging).

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