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Friday, 4 March 2011

Off line for a couple days, Internet back up

03.02.2011 – Last night I had a new guest in the room that made it a little harder to sleep.  As I tried to hide under my mosquito netting, I sensed my gecko friend was somewhere out there, and he was not trying to sell me insurance (Geico commercial in US).  Although harmless, I kept the bathroom light on all night as they are attracted to the light for catching mosquitoes.  Tired from a long night, we woke up early this morning, and traveled into Nairobi.  All told it was about 6 hours of travel time there and back, which was actually good time, and our meeting with the client was long and productive.  PCK was impressed with our questions and work to date, but you can sense their fear as competitors are salivating over any profitable service currently provided by Postal and the time is now to be proactive in addressing those situations vs. their typical reactive response once a competitor has already stolen their piece of the pie.  The ride home was tense, just so much traffic, and Kenya does not have a formal highway system like we have in most developed nations.  While they are in the process of buidling highway infrastructure, most of the drive is on a one lane road, with constant speed bumps, people and animals on the side of road, and slower moving trucks constantly being passed.  Nairobi could also use Smarter Traffic management, however, a big part of the traffic issue is lack of public transportation (buses, trains, subways) in the city.  But all these problems are a result of an economy that is developing, eager to grow, and trying to become a major force in the global economic landscape.  One of my only complaints is the pollution in the city, specifically from the cars and trucks while in bumper to bumper traffic in the Nairobi area, to the point where I became car sick with headaches.  But I am back at my hotel and looking forward to tomorrow when we visit some local orphanages for the day, and it appears my friend has moved on to another place for the night.

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